Entrancing and entransed men

Michael Dillon first ftm
Beginning at the beginning requires Dr. Michael (ne Laura Maud) Dillon as our point of departure, fittingly on the 99th anniversary of his birth.

Himself a pioneer, it was his fateful meeting with Dr. George Foss (who was experimenting with testosterone therapy), which led to the care of no lesser luminary than the father of plastic surgery himself, culminating in the first FtM sex reassignment. The book he would eventually write about what we now refer to as transexuality, which did not delve into his own story, deprecated the role of psychoanalysis, undoubtedly prompted by his experience with a gossiping psychiatrist.

He had always been interested in science, and after a stint as a mechanic and tow truck driver (and fire watcher during WWII), he became a doctor. Continuing his deeply personal and professional interest in endocrinology, he performed the orchidectomy for Roberta Cowell, the first British MtF reassignment recipient. He wasn’t licensed then, but it didn’t matter: the surgery was illegal at the time. Incidentally, the procedure used for Roberta Cowell’s surgery became the standard for decades.

Nowadays, in the media we hear every day of, about, and from transpeople, with the exception of Chaz Bono, almost exclusively women. However on social media, the support (still lacking but…) and community reflect the growing acceptance and awareness that extends to transmen (again, to a certain degree, and because of issues like homophobia, internalized and not). So it was nice to see a Queerty post featuring some of these handsome fellows:

Handsome transmen on Queerty Handsome redhead transman on Queerty

And the Buck Angel documentary – haven’t seen it, but I’m familiar with his, ahem, body of work – keeps popping up as popular on Netflix. But let me stop right there for now.


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