Call me Reverend Sergeant

Oregon Humanities and Milagro present Identity BootcampNineteen days. Yes, I’m counting down already.

I’m excited for Identity Boot Camp, the series of post-show convos after Learn to Be Latina matinees that I’ll be moderating. The play deals with a way of “passing” that I call (at least when I do it) “identity hopping”, a code-switching of sorts. The events, 3 on consecutive Sundays, cover respectively: the creation and imposition of identity; the manufacture of image and pop idols; and gender as performance.

"Clean", MilagroI would say that I’ve been doing research on the subject in preparation, but 1) as a queer brown immigrant actor who’s hopped a few other socio-economic brackets, I claim a bit of perspective on the subject; and 2) my reading list is no different now, since the intersection of art, identity and sexuality and their ancillary subjects are my daily fare.

What I’m looking forward to in the meantime, though, is exploring and presenting the histories and stories of some of my favorite identity hoppers, whether the barrier they leapt was nationality, gender or class.

Child of Narcisus that I am (and what actor isn’t?), I will also  relate my own hops and drops in identity performance.

Let the countdown (and recounting) begin!


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