#stopmakingstupidpeoplefamous, aka #stfu

bachelorThe inevitable (and insufficient) clambering apology did not take long to follow the wall of words that smacked the current Ken(TM) right in his pretty mug.

As a translator I can see where he might have witlessly meant “kinky” when he clarifies that he called gays “more pervert in a sense” because English is his second language. “What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense,” he explains. This remains a curious description by the man that is literally making it his business to show off his body to us as he hops in and out of hot tubs and other “romantic” set pieces with a series of women (also showing off their mostly nude bodies), each trying to prove she is the one to bring home to Mom, or in this case, 4-year-old daughter.

Besides the dumb presumption that ignores that straights can be just as kinky as everyone else, it takes a very obtuse public figure to still frame answers to the media this way, even if his native Venezuela is not a bastion of LGBT equality.  Betraying his media ignorance as well, if he meant that you might see some of the contestants replacing a teddy bear with a muscle bear, or flashing leather gear, it is the same old titillation that the producers obviously want.

One good thing is that he didn’t trot out some religious platitude, but those are undoubtedly on the way in poutrage over the treatment of this man who “dared to speak the truth.” Maybe they should bow to the will that has ordained for the universe to work this way. Where’s that spirit of “Thy will be done”, people?


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