News from the Caucasus and nearby parts

journalist and photographer explore the geopolitical side of Sochi
The Sochi Project
homophoberotic pic of martsinkevich via o-blog-dee-o-blog-da
From Martsinkevich’s social media page. Nice research,

Devouring a good story is one of my least guilty greatest pleasures. However, most recently I got hooked on current events in a corner of the world that I’ve never been exactly drawn to. All because of the story.

A lot of the news of Russia that comes my way (because, duh, gay) isn’t good, but you dance with who brung you. Mostly it has been reactions to the propaganda law and the bunch of ‘holes inspired by head ‘hole Martsinkevich, awaiting extradition from Cuba. Guess he didn’t get his wish for a trial over Skype to put his avatar in virtual jail. Why would he, when very real people die?

Russia is fascinating, no doubt, but I feel completely uninformed at reading the other side of Olympic Games preparations in The Sochi Project, described as “a measured investigation to unearth the untold stories of Sochi, Russia, which will host the Winter Olympics.”

The stories that I haven’t heard about the paradise and turmoil that is just on the other side of the mountains and the state’s own propaganda.


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