On: Gay And Transgender Mexican Migrants Face Discrimination And Violence

I don’t feel particularly bad about not knowing the things my (definitely  not gay or transgender) father went through to immigrate, crossing through the Arizona desert. During most of my adult life we haven’t had many significant conversations, so this subject has not really come up between us. But doing research to write informed posts at Milagro’s blog (one of my current responsibilities), I have learned a lot about the experience. This is a look into the hardships of some of those who attempt to make it to the US:

For Mexican migrants, traveling across the country is a dangerous proposition. Even the group with the lowest rate of violent incidents – heterosexual men staying in migrant shelters – still encounter violence 20% of the time, and the rates go…

via Towleroad News #gay http://www.towleroad.com/2013/07/gay-and-transgender-mexican-migrants-face-discrimination-and-violence.html


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