Machos, Annotated

Act I
Scene 1

Sammy’s is based on the real-life tavern, Three Sisters (1125 SW Stark St), owned by a straight Greek couple. When an explicitly Latino-oriented and Latino-owned place opened up across town, the bar survived by hiring male strippers. Great raunchy shows.

Botica Omar: Ricky’s boyfriend mocks his own drug dealing by claiming to provide anti-depressant therapy. Boticas are corner drugstores.

1434 SE 37th: The real-life address of a former “place of business” of mine. At one point I even considered living in one of the 2nd floor apartments.

Selena in the closet: Rather than the Hollywood myth of a forbidden romance, I believe the other story has some legs: along with possible stalking, embezzlement and whatever else was involved, there was also the hushed relationship between the young star and her attacker. The fact that the older woman was, well, older and less attractive, made it easier to overlook the possibility.

Y ¿cómo es él?: @ 0:32-40

Saints in the bedroom: Plaster statues of saints in the homes of people who don’t even go to church. Instinctual need for kitsch, perhaps.


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